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“If you need a lawyer, you couldn’t find a better one.”

Amy Bellantoni “consistently displays a genuine caring for her clients…if retained becomes a dangerous weapon in your arsenal.”

Amy Bellantoni, through my personal experience, is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys I, in my entire life, have ever been Blessed to be in the presence of. Mrs. Bellantoni consistently displays a genuine caring for her clients, and incorporated with her knowledge base and intellect, if retained, becomes a dangerous weapon in your arsenal against any adversaries she is facing in regards to your representation. Mrs. Bellantoni will consistently strive to overcome and achieve absolute victory in every case she accepts without faulter. My name is Wayne, and I am one of Mrs. Bellantoni’s clients.

-Wayne T. (Civil Rights and 2A)RONKONKOMA, NY

If you want honesty, integrity and loyalty, she is the very best there is.

I have had the greatest pleasure having Amy Bellantoni as my attorney…Outstanding knowledge of the law and relentless in her effort to represent her client in the courtroom…If you want honesty, integrity and loyalty, she is the very best there is.

-SKIP T. (Corporate Whistleblower)

" sincere thanks for all you have done for me. You are truly fighting the good fight and in this State, it is a never ending uphill battle."

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my NYS Pistol License today. It was a 2.5 year saga, but in the end we prevailed. I cannot thank you enough for all of the time, patience, guidance, support and legal representation you have provided me. I stood no chance navigating this process without you. I am sincerely grateful...

-Matt L. (Pistol License)

I find you to truly be a GOOD person!!!

Amy, from our 40 something minute conversation I find you to truly be a GOOD person!!! We had a really good conversation & know that you really care!!! You are definitely more then just the run of the mill attorney, I don't know you personally but from speaking with you I feel as if I know the kind of person you are. You are such a kind, genuine down to earth woman and I greatly appreciate your time & consideration!!!!! May God continue to bless you & your family!!!

-Jon I. 

Extremely knowledgeable, caring, honest and hard working. The best in the market.

I retained Amy regarding a permit issue I was having in NYC, one of the hardest places to get a permit, and had a great experience and of course a happy outcome. Amy is very caring, patient, and definitely knows her stuff. I was at the point that I thought I, for sure, would not be getting my permit, but gave it one last shot and gave Amy a call. From the 1st phone call onward I felt very confident and knew I would have a good outcome. It seemed like a struggle for me, but it was a walk in the ballpark for her. No question, she is the best at what she does. 

-EH (NYC Handgun License)

What I know about Amy Bellantoni is that she is an expert in her field and tirelessly persistent.

What I know about Amy Bellantoni is that she is an expert in her field and tirelessly persistent. She is also a very kind and patient person to deal with. I had a NICS check come back DENIED with no good reason. I contacted Ms. Bellantoni for assistance, who took up my case and began working on it immediately. We background checked me in every way possible: FBI, and every state I have ever lived in, and found no disqualifying information. After Amy’s persistence dealing with the FBI, an incorrect disqualifying record was found and removed from the NICS index. Being a lifelong skeet shooter, I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders when Amy notified me everything was resolved in my favor. I will be forever grateful to her.

-Richard D. (NICS Denial)

It is my absolute pleasure to write this review for Amy and Bellantoni Law.

When I mentioned to some friends that I engaged and retained Amy, I was told that she is the best. I can attest that her great reputation was truly earned. Amy is extremely knowledgeable about the process and the law pertaining to firearms licensing in New York State and Westchester County. She was extremely helpful in assisting me navigate the process. Amy made the seemingly arduous process very manageable, and she guided me through it to successfully obtain my license. I have nothing but praise for Amy and Bellantoni Law. I would recommend to anybody seeking guidance in this area to utilize Amy’s expertise.

-Jerome V. (Pistol License)

Thank you for doing a wonderful job.

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to retrieve all of my firearms back from the NYPD. I firmly believe that your letter was the reason why I was fully reinstated. I want to thank you for doing a fantastic job. To be without my firearms during this unsettling time put a real stress on me and my family. What made matters worse during that time was that two cars of mine were burglarized twice in my driveway while I was home. The thieves were very brazen and had no regard for getting caught. They came fairly early in the evening, around 10:30 pm. We were in our backyard with family over at the time. Which lead me to believe that they were probably armed, the cops agreed with that assumption as well. Again, thank you for doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

- NICHOLAS C. (Firearms Return, NYPD)

Amy was recommended because of her “high success rate”.

I am in my early 50s and I live in lower Westchester County. I applied for my pistol permit and after waiting 5 months received a letter in the mail denying me. I had problems with the law as a teenager which resulted in being arrested five times (non-felonies) in the 80s . I was referred to Amy by someone who said that she has a high success rate in having these issues resolved. I was very skeptical because of today’s political climate, but I figured I’d give it a try. I met with Amy one time for an hour and within six weeks I have my permit. I highly recommend Amy and her firm.

- Mike M.

I am so thankful that I found you.

I would like to truly thank you, and The Bellantoni Law firm, for your excellent representation on behalf of myself during my pistol permit process in Rockland County New York! With your diligence in all aspects of the 2nd amendment, as you know, the Judge overturned his ruling to deny me my permit, and I received it in the mail the other day. As you also know the application process in Rockland county is a bit confusing, but your knowledge of the process kept me positive that you would get it resolved! I couldn’t be happier with all you did for me throughout the process and I am so thankful that I found you. I would recommend anyone having a difficult time during the process or even before considering the process, to obtain your services! Thank you so much!

-JOHN C. (Pistol Permit)

Would recommend Amy and her firm to anyone.

Always there for me 24/7 to answer any questions. helped me with letters, forms, you name it, for my business. Would recommend Amy and her firm to anyone.

-ELIZABETH D. (Business Owner)

Very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to 2nd Amendment Rights

I would like to thank you Amy and the Bellantoni Law firm for everything. Amy is truly the best, and very knowledgeable especially when it comes to peoples 2nd amendment rights. She always returned my calls and answered every email. Just talking to her for the first time she eased a lot of stress and knew the answers to all my questions. I knew she was the best person to handle my issue. She addressed every worry I had the whole time. I couldn’t have made a better choice than going with Amy. Thank you again Amy for everything.

-Damien A.

“We thank you, sincerely and gratefully…please, continue the good fight.”

We would like to extend an extremely sincere thank you for your role in our hearing kept us out of getting a felony and home to our families. For that, we extend our greatest gratitude. Thank you, because without your knowledge of courtroom courtesies and way to speak in a courtroom manner, I am sure the outcome would have been much different. Thank you for being a calm voice for us in a sea of what would have been unintelligible words from myself and [ ] trying to stifle them. I am very grateful for that, ma’am. At the end of our hearing, the gesture you gave to us by giving [ ] back his check and splitting an already split bill…that speaks volumes of your character. I know you share our frustration, and you didn’t have to do that but you did. We thank you, sincerely and gratefully, for what you did, and what you continue to do. By the way, we appreciate your saying, “Si vas pacem, para bellum” very much. Please, continue the good fight.

-Tyler (possession of legal handgun but unlicensed in NY)


Ms. Bellantoni is a quick witted and exceptionally bright.

Ms. Bellantoni is a quick witted and exceptionally bright and supportive advocate. She is very accessible and encourages an open dialogue between client and attorney. You may rely on her candor and insight and depend on her for her extraordinary responsiveness.

-JAMES M. (child custody)

I highly recommend Amy Bellantoni for any legal resolution…you will be doing a disservice to yourself if you do not retain her as your counsel.

Amy Bellantoni is an individual that I would recommend, without reservation, to anyone that wants to clear their name of mistakes they made when they were a different person. My childhood consisted of emotional abandonment, physical and mental abuse, and complete instability. As a result of my circumstances, I made errors in judgement that caused me to drop out of high school, and find myself in legal troubles.

Through no help of my family, I managed to turn my life around, graduate valedictorian from college, and, decades later, run a multimillion dollar sales territory for a multibillion dollar Fortune 500 company. I also sit on a global slaws advisory board for said company.

Despite turning my life around, I had been haunted by the marks on my record from marijuana possession, and criminal possession of stolen property charges decades ago. This was never more evident then when I went for a Global Entry interview.

The officer checking me in for said interview deliberately read my said charges loud enough for the ten other interviewees and fellow officers in the room to hear, in an effort to embarrass me. He then stated that I had no business interviewing for Global Entry, as a person like myself would never be approved. I was truly humiliated.

After said event, a friend informed me of the NYS Sealing Law, said it could be an opportunity for me to clear my name, and I fortunately found Amy Bellantoni to help with my cause.

What stood out to me the most about Amy, and still does, is her ability to listen, and her capacity for empathy. I honestly was moved when I saw the summary she wrote about my life for the courts. It was obvious that she truly understood my life, and had captured it on paper.

Amy also made a point of telling me how far I have come from the person I used to be, and expressed that she understood why it was important for me to clear my name. I knew she was on my team after that.

The result of Amy’s work was a certificate of relief from the State of New York, within weeks of her submission to the court. Not only was this a relief from the state, it was a relief for myself from the burden I have been carrying for decades. I am truly grateful that I was fortunate enough to have my legal path lead to Amy.

I highly recommend Amy Bellantoni for any legal resolution you require. I will go one step further and say that you will be doing a disservice to yourself if you do not retain her as your counsel.

-Stephen B. (Certificate of Relief for Global Entry Denial)

It is heartening to know there are great lawyers who are honest with their clients.

I passed my NICS check and picked up my…rifle today. I am so grateful. I was ready to throw in the towel and resign myself to only being able to practice one of my passions in Pennsylvania as opposed to my home [state].

-Rob S. (Pennsylvania)

“Ms. Bellantoni prepared a phenomenal…packet for the Judge”

I had an uphill battle the pistol licensing process with two DWIs from when I was young. Ms. Bellantoni prepared a phenomenal letter and informational packet for the Judge with case law to help get out ahead of a straight denial. This preparation allowed the Judge to have a clear picture of who I was then, and how I made a conscious decision to change my life for the better. Ms. Bellantoni took the time to represent me in court when requested by the Judge, and gave the Judge the opportunity to see the changes I have made in my life and realize that I am on a healthy path and can be trusted with a concealed carry permit. I can’t thank Ms. Bellantoni enough for making such a daunting task seamless and worry free.

Gabriel H.

If you need a lawyer, you couldn’t find a better one.

It is my great pleasure to give Amy Bellantoni an outstanding recommendation, not only for her knowledge of the law, professionalism and responsiveness, but also because she is truly committed and caring. Our small business experienced and unforeseen and challenging lawsuit. Amy deftly guided us through all the pitfalls, represented us in court and accompanied us each step of the way. We are grateful to Amy in more ways than we can count. I recommend Amy Bellantoni of The Bellantoni Law Firm without reservations. If you need a lawyer, you couldn’t find a better one.

-Madeline M. (pregnancy discrimination, corporate defendant)

We the people applaud you.

I just want to say with all of my sincerity you’re the best at what you do!!!!!!!!! For the rights of the people to bear arms, our second amendment, we the people applaud you! With your tenacity to pursue the rights of people who deserve fair justice, I must tell you that you will be highly recommended, and your professional deeds will be shared.

-K.B. (2A)

Amy was always professional, accessible and knowledgeable.

Working with Amy Bellantoni was a pleasure. We spent 3 years working together on my case and she was always professional, accessible and knowledgeable. I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

-LAUREN D. (Employment Discrimination – Gender - Plaintiff)

What I appreciate most about Ms. Bellantoni is that she channels all of my emotions into her own work.

The Bellantoni Law Firm, PLLC [represented] me in an Article 78 proceeding against a municipality for what I believe was an improper layoff. Specifically, Amy Bellantoni is my attorney in this matter. At a time when I was completely distraught and defenseless, I had the good fortune of consulting with Ms. Bellantoni. I knew from the very first moment I met Ms. Bellantoni and told her my story, that this was the attorney I wanted to represent me. There are so many qualities that define Ms. Bellantoni not only as an attorney but also as a real person who listens and cares. Ms. Bellantoni pays attention to what I have to say. I never feel rushed or that what I am saying is unimportant. Ms. Bellantoni makes herself available to me and continually addresses my questions and concerns with clear, concise and informative responses. Ms. Bellantoni is smart, confident and determined to win my case because she truly believes that I was not treated fairly. What I appreciate most about Ms. Bellantoni is that she channels all of my emotions into her own work. I am allowed to partake in the process and provide my input. Ms. Bellantoni takes my beliefs and my emotions and transforms them into strong legal arguments for the Court to review. It allows me, the client, to have a say in the matter and that is so important to me. Amy Bellantoni is a true Professional and handles herself with class. I am proud that Ms. Bellantoni represents me. I strongly recommend that anyone in need of an attorney contact Ms. Bellantoni at The Bellantoni Law Firm, PLLC.

-Kevin K. (civil service, Article 78)

Amy Bellantoni is “extremely knowledgeable on the pistol permitting process”

Amy was a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable on the pistol permitting process. I would highly recommend her. I was denied twice for a Westchester County pistol permit based on an arrest as a teen. I decided to apply for a 3rd time, 15 years after the sole arrest causing my denial. This time I retained Amy for assistance with the application. With her on my side I felt confident and after 5 weeks I received my approval for a sportsperson license in Westchester County. I should have retained her years ago and would definitely work with her in the future if I ever need representation again.

-Nick G.

It was with the advice and guidance of Amy Bellantoni that my application [for a “full carry” pistol permit] was a success.

You can imagine my joy at receiving a letter from the County Clerk granting my new permit application, and the words “full carry” on the permit enclosed with the letter. While I was skeptical it would be issued that way, it was with the advice and guidance of Amy Bellantoni that my application was a success. I felt confident that by following her suggestions I had the best possible chance, and happily, my hopes came true. Thank you for all of your help.

-Russel F. (2A)

Amy was supportive and responsive to my needs

In times of crisis when an attorney is needed to address your legal issues Amy was exactly what I could of hoped for. She was extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and diligent in addressing all aspects of may lawsuit. From start to finish Amy was supportive and responsive to my needs as a client. I highly recommend her and would turn to her legal guidance again if I ever needed to.

-MARY E. (Employment Discrimination – Gender - Plaintiff)

She really listened to me and my concerns.

In the fall of 2013, I was informed by the Westchester County Pistol Permit division that they were going to start the process to revoke my pistol permit and I was facing the loss of my handgun. I knew that I needed a very knowledgeable lawyer familiar with the Second Amendment. In my search for this, Amy Bellantoni of the Bellantoni Law Firm was repeatedly highly recommended to me by other people who had similar problems with the Pistol Permit division. At my initial meeting with Amy, I knew that I had made the right choice to have her represent me to keep my pistol permit. She really listened to me and my concerns of losing my pistol permit and patiently answered my questions about her legal strategy. As the case proceeded, she regularly communicated with me and quickly responded when I needed to contact her. Thanks to Amy, I did not have my pistol permit revoked. For anyone that may find themselves in a similar circumstance with the possibility of losing their pistol permit in Westchester County, call Amy Bellantoni.

-Maryellen F. (pistol license)

I was most impressed by her legal advice and superior communication.

I highly recommend Amy Bellantoni as she was able to understand the situation I was in. Amy handled my case with expertise, experience, and with personal concern. I was most impressed by her legal advice and superior communication about each issue involving the case as they arose. She also understood my financial and reduced her fees so that I was able to afford to pay for her services. I highly recommend this law firm. If I ever need an attorney I will only go to Amy Bellantoni and the only attorney I will recommend for any court matters.

- Kingsley H.

Amy Bellantoni provided excellent advice

I had submitted an application to amend my pistol license to “full carry”, and encountered some pushback. In my situation, I was somewhat surprised. Amy Bellantoni provided excellent advice on how to proceed, and crafted the appropriate documentation to achieve success. I shortly thereafter received an envelope from the pistol permit division which obviously contained a permit card. After a bit hesitantly opening the envelope, I was elated to see the phrase “full carry” on the permit. I would recommend Amy to anyone having difficulty in this area.

-Alan B.

At no time did I feel alone during this long grueling process.

Amy Bellantoni represented me in Westchester County Court in White Plains New York. I was denied a pistol license in August 2012. After speaking with Amy Bellantoni I was back in court October 2012. Amy Bellantoni was successful with having my license amended. Amy was there every step of the way paying close attention to detail with resubmitting all papers over again. Amy Bellantoni was in contact with New York State Police pistol department following through with ALL laws and proper procedures. Letter after letter to myself and the courts showed me that Amy Bellantoni was serious and passionate about her practice. At no time did I feel alone during this long grueling process. I would recommend The Bellantoni Law Firm to anyone in need.

-TYRON C. (pistol license)